Walter Johnson



Canned vs. Creative: A Presentation Exploring Generative and General Artificial Intelligence

Walt Johnson has a PhD in Cognitive Psychology with a specialization in thinking, language, and problem solving – and the computer modeling of human intelligence.  Dr. Johnson began his career in the User Interface Group at Xerox PARC, where he was awarded the Xerox President’s Award for his work.  His career was spent in Silicon Valley at PARC,  several startups, as well as time at Silicon Graphics and SRI.  He was an early leader of a tablet computer company which was acquired by Microsoft.   In 2010 he returned to PARC as Vice President and Director of its Intelligent Systems Laboratory. In 2014 he moved to Rochester to become Director of the Xerox Webster Research Center while founding PARC-East.  He was also founding Director of the NY State-funded Rochester Data Science Consortium at the University of Rochester, and is currently CEO and founder of FLX AI, a commercial AI consulting firm.

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